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Authors:George Whitehead (6), William Penn (3), Richard Hubberthorn (2), Jasper Batt (1), George Fox (1), John Gould (1), Edmund Elys (1), Isaac Penington (1), Thomas Zachary (1), John Crook (1), George Keith (1), Thomas Taylor (1), Edward Cooke (1), Francis Howgill (1), John Higgins (1) and 3 more, Edward Burrough (1), John Penington (1), Thomas Goodaire (1)
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George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1659
John GouldText Creation Partnership1657
Thomas ZacharyText Creation Partnership1674
Thomas GoodaireText Creation Partnership1691
Isaac PeningtonText Creation Partnership1670
Richard HubberthornText Creation Partnership1660
William PennText Creation Partnership1672
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1664
Text Creation Partnership1659
Edward CookeText Creation Partnership1660
George KeithText Creation Partnership1675
John PeningtonText Creation Partnership1696
Edmund ElysText Creation Partnership1690
George FoxText Creation Partnership1654
Text Creation Partnership1655
Thomas TaylorText Creation Partnership1657
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1689
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1696
William PennText Creation Partnership1674
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1692
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1674
Edward BurroughText Creation Partnership1657
Francis HowgillText Creation Partnership1656
John HigginsText Creation Partnership1658
Jasper BattText Creation Partnership1681
Richard HubberthornText Creation Partnership1654
John CrookText Creation Partnership1662
William PennText Creation Partnership1682