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Authors:George Whitehead (3), Evan Jones (1), Loveday Hambly (1), Thomas Ellwood (1), Humphry Wollrich (1), Margaret Everard (1), John Gilpin (1), John Everard (1), Thomas Story (1)
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Society of Friends ⇒ England ⇒ Early works to 1800’s Shelf

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George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1680
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1701
Loveday HamblyText Creation Partnership1683
Thomas EllwoodText Creation Partnership1699
Thomas StoryText Creation Partnership1698
Margaret EverardText Creation Partnership1699
Evan JonesText Creation Partnership1672
Text Creation Partnership1672
Text Creation Partnership1672
Text Creation Partnership1670
Humphry WollrichText Creation Partnership1660
John GilpinText Creation Partnership1653
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1660
John EverardText Creation Partnership1697