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Authors:William Prynne (4), Edmund Ludlow (1), England and Wales (1), Daniel Axtel (1), Robert Lilburne (1), Hugh Peters (1), Westminster Assembly (1), John Harris (1), Stephen Marshall (1), Richard Hubberthorn (1)
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Great Britain ⇒ History ⇒ Puritan Revolution, 1642-1660 ⇒ Early works to 1800’s Shelf

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William PrynneText Creation Partnership1659
Stephen MarshallText Creation Partnership1643
William PrynneText Creation Partnership1659
Richard HubberthornText Creation Partnership1660
William PrynneText Creation Partnership1659
William PrynneText Creation Partnership1660
John HarrisText Creation Partnership1644
Edmund LudlowText Creation Partnership1698
Westminster AssemblyText Creation Partnership1648
Hugh Peters
Robert Lilburne
Daniel Axtel
Text Creation Partnership1660
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1660